Friday, December 7, 2012


hey that junk looks good on you
come see us from 8 am -4pm 

648 E lehi Rd 85203 in North Mesa

This Christmas lets do something different lets give something that is old, that would be brand new to the receiver   Vintage items, are beautiful, unique and they help join the generations. Then every time your friend or family member looks at them or uses them, it will continue to bring more joy for generations to come.  Then you will be giving again, to the local community, and local businesses, and sewing into these businesses, it is going to reap, a better place for you and your family to live in, that is how America, builds it self back up, through hard working, small business, people, who love what they do. We can STOP buying so much plastic stuff that needs batteries and brakes, and start buying handmade, homemade, repurposed, vintaged, antiqued, it saves the environment.  And finally maybe when you are shopping, around, actually not maybe I know this for a fact while you are looking, you will start to dream, while you become a picker, and a finder, and you will look at a spindle, differently, and when you find that old kodak camera, for you daughter, or that vintage architectural kit for your boyfriend... you fill in the blanks, you will FIND THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOU... HEY THAT JUNK LOOKS GOOD ON YOU!!!

some more pics from the vendors one more day come out and SHOP SHOP SHOP 

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