Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spindles...Spindles...What to do with Spindles...

got spindles?

i have lots of spindles left that i am selling, but i also want to make some great stuff out of them... yeah! yeah! i heard about the snowman! but it's dec.16th already, so, i am talking about ... all round the year stuff, that i am gonna keep out and look at and use ... so i thought i would find some great links for you and me... and maybe you would post some pictures of what you made... and maybe you would buy some of my spindles and make some of this stuff.... lets have some spindlilicious fun!!!

right now i have spindles on sale white spindles $2 and oak spindles $4 look at all the fun stuff you can do and if you know of any other fun stuff or have made something yourself please post it or send me a link and I will post it, and if you have made one of those infamous snowman send it to me PLEASE!!!

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