Monday, June 24, 2013

Open up an Etsy Shop

I am trying to figure out how to get my inventory that is in my house out of my house???  Have any suggestions.. I would love your input... I have opened up an Etsy shop

(this is the link to my Etsy Shop)

I have thought about trying to set up in a couple of local stores around where I live, the two that I am most interested in of course have waiting list...  then the other day on my Facebook business site 

(facebook business link)

I was approached by a store that is opening up but they are not close to my home, it sounds so exciting and I really want to get my stuff in a store... but I am just torn... thinking about my tendencies.. I don't like to travel as it is... do you think you would set up in a store that was really far from your home, like over an hour or more drive???  

And then I also have an opportunity to set up in a local shop and sell my stuff a little bit at a time.  The number one thing, is I need to get some of this inventory out of my home.  PLEASE ALL OF YOU OUT THERE IN BLOGGER WORLD... AND SUCCESSFUL SELLERS... LET ME KNOW YOUR TIPS AND TRICKS AND HOW YOU GET YOUR STUFF SOLD....  


  1. Hi! Our Own Big World here (aka - db! - or Dawn ;o)! I started out renting a booth out and I would not have one more than you are willing to drive weekly. It is best if you add and change things around weekly for those regular shoppers to get in your booth every week. So if you do not mind making the hour drive weekly or at least every other week...than don't do that option. I now only have an etsy shop But I think I may start doing Flea Markets. Where I live...they are not only super cheap stuff...there is antiques, arts and crafts. The more ways you to try to sell your stuff the better. In my perfect selling world, I would rent a space in a shop, sell on etsy and do flea/arts and crafts/antique markets. But right now that is a bit much for me! Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Dawn at Our Own Big World... you rock... I am so excited that you answered me... I agree... i already had a feeling... that I was it was too far... but I need in put... I want to check out your etsy... shop... where do you live... are Facebook selling pages big where you live, because we have tons of those too...that is actually what started me on all this, I started selling off my old house decor, and then the rest is we have an Antique and Vintage FB page, and then we have FB pages, by where you live, and if the items are homemade it is sort of like a smaller community of craigslist, but it really helps get the word out too...