Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Day New Shop... choices choices....

I love to shop.... that is one of my passion, and I really don't think shopping describes what I do... I love to hunt for treasure... to find that thing that is so cool, or different, or old... that maybe so many people disregarded... but now it's mine!!!  Problem is my home is full of this stuff, because, I want to share my industrial vintage treasures...  I sell on Facebook, I started an Etsy store ( no sales yet), I sell on Ebay made two or three sales there.. craigslist...

What I appreciated most from my last post on my Etsy Shop opening, I think it was that one...  Is the input from you girls out there who SELL...and the other day Mr. Farmhouse comes home with a New Store:)  Yes I know there will be more of these stores, everyday someone is coming up with new store online.

Introducing Square Market.... Yes another new store...  I know... I sound schizophrenic... maybe but have you ever kept trying things, and they just don't feel right?  And then something comes along, and the fit is perfect.  Well that is how I feel about SQUARE MARKET!!
So far so good, I love the easy navigating, how easy it is to post items, and how professional Square Market, makes your shop look... Easy to use and Easy on the eyes... Can't beat that combination...maybe it's my decorators, ADD...but if something doesn't catch my attention QUICK & EASY.... Well you get the picture...

Farmhouse Industrial Chic 

New Store at Square Market

Farmhouse Industrial Shabby Chic 

Farmhouse Industrial Shabby Chic 

Now Time for My Questions for You

Where do you sell?
(ie.. craigslist, facebook groups, etsy)

What is the most successful selling places for you?

How much time per week to you work on posting and selling stuff?

Have you heard of Square? 

Thanks in advance blogging sisters, and followers, and whoever.... I want input.... Last time you guys help me with a big decision.. looking for what do you do for

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