Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Yellow Farmhouse Sale...short and sweet post

This is a beautiful gift that I received reminds me to LIVE on PURPOSE everyday and not give up on your DREAMS... PLEASE... TAKE SOME INSPIRATION FOR YOURSELF TODAY....
the artist is dana holden groom 
This post will be short and sweet... mostly because I am tired... I am sure... anyone else who has tried to pull one off these sales you  know what I am talking about ...  and can a test to this...  Thank you to all the great people who came out today... I couldn't have done it with out you!!!  I appreciate every single person who has like my facebook page all 109 of you.... and wow I have had 1654 views of my blog... thank you thank you....Thank you Mr. Jones, for all the hours, of cleaning and organizing and moving things, around, and painting, and fixing, and doing whatever I asked, and putting chicken wire where ever I wanted you too.  And for Teagan for making all the price tags, and the signs, and for being my beautiful model, and for helping be my creative inspiration for everything.  And for Lucas, for my quiet strong son, that encourages, me with his strength and his positive outlook, and with his jump to it attitude, and when he says "good job on your sale Mom!" wow that is the best thing ever...  And for my friends that came out today Brianna, and Sandra, and Kathi, wow how awesome.  And how God has used it for me to make so many new connections, on facebook.  And for my friends that have been encouraging me and praying for me all week I couldn't have done it without your support, I always feel their love and support, thanks Kari... I couldn't have done it without you!!!  and finally this special little vintage angel that God placed in my life from "findings" Dana Holben Groom for some reason we have made a God connection on facebook, and I happened to be inside trying to get paint off my hands when she showed up.  She didn't have to come today, actually I was kinda feeling discouraged, like I wanted to give up, like I didn't believe everybody on facebook that says the love my stuff, or everyone who has seen my furniture, or my signs or whatever I've made or painted,  I was just thinking, I probably am not very good at this... you no that giving up quitting kinda feeling... well then Teagan comes running in and says MOM someone is here asking for you... I said ok I will be out in a minute... It might be my friend Dana... I walk out and sure enough it is... we automatically embrace, like we have known each other forever, it's a God thing... I know, something I have felt like God has drawn me to her since I have met her, I send her prayers, she sends me blessings, who knows why,  then out of the corner of my eye I see it, oh my goodness... this most beautiful, piece of hers, that she makes, this rusty vintage jewelry, memo board, with chalk board, and she is giving it to me as a gift.  I couldn't believe, I am so not used to that I teared up, and I knew that it really was a gift from God too .. this is what I wrote on her facebook page to thank her... Thank you Dana Holben Groom for my special gift... you so blessed my heart today... you made me cry, every time... I look at it , i will think of someone who is hardworking, who chases storms, and doesn't give up on her dreams, who pours out her love on her family to the generations, that have gone before her, and to the generations, that are coming up behind her, I will be inspired, to keep on LIVING ON PURPOSE, everyday. You will never know how much this means to me. I pray that you will be blessed, back for all that you have poured out. love your new friend.

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