Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farmhouse Sale Flyer... Yay!! I did it!!!

I did it i made my first flyer... I figured out how to copy a picture of it and print it on my blog... i am getting such a crick in my neck from patting my own back ...but i have been working on this for hours... and i figured it out...i am telling you ...that you need to come to my Yellow Farmhouse sale...not just because of the amazing vintage items, and the awesome farmhouse crates, metal baskets, decor, one of a kind pieces of subway art, chicken wire memo boards, repurposed furniture, chalk painted vanity, armoires, and dressers, and shabby chic desks, candle sticks, etc. etc. but.. because if you are like me, and you are adventurous  and tired, of people telling you that you can't do things, but guess what you can, and sometimes, it takes awhile, but try is not do, and I CAN'T IS NOT AN OPTION, SO COME SEE ME... I am not that special, so that should inspire you that I am just a normal, girl that just keeps ticking over every day, and wants to make a difference in this world around her, in the lives of my family and my community, and my world.. normal, just like you...hope to see you there, lets keep buying vintage... it saves the environment, and if we keep buying from each other it will save the human race because we will quit closing ourselves in behind our doors, and closing our hearts off... lets get to know our neighbors is to short..
"love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul all your mind, and all your strength,the second most important command is this: Love your neighbor as yourself, These two commands are the most important." Mark 12:30-31 i think if we can get back to this as a people, a city a nation a world so simple, our lives, our homes, our relationships, families, marriages, children, economy, so many things would change... whats the worst that could happen LOVE...

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