Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hip to be Square... Spotlight Designer Today...

Hip to be Square

I love promoting art, artist, designers, and I have been promoting this one for a week, and I keep liking her stuff... her being Aimee Woffinden Maher //  the first thing that attracted me to her page was the fourth picture down the yellow bird, so I liked her page, "Hip to be Square" on my personal Facebook.. last week, then today.. I saw these beautiful chandeliers that looked so french, shabby chic, and different, and then they are personalized, and she adds jewels to them!! (Jewels are for decorative effect only)  What more could a girl ask for.  So I told her, I wanted to promote her on my blog, and my facebook page... but I didn't realize that Aimee and Hip to be Square..where the actually I have been her fan for awhile!!

 Personalized Chandelier Hanging Boards First Middle Names 5 Different Styles $15

Customize Family board 12 X24 up to 3 color choices $25

Customize Mr. & Mrs. 3 12 X 12 boards 4 colors $45 
(great wedding, first christmas, or anniversary)

Bird cage 12 X 12 choose up to 3 colors $15

All of Aimee's beautiful custom designs are available to you, and she includes you in the design, this is directly copied from her sight as what Hip to be Square is.... 

"Let me tell you a little bit about the process of my boards I make. They are made out of real wood. I sand them, prime them, paint a first coat, do a stencil process, paint a different color(this way I can distress the piece and give it a unique two tone effect)  Then I add vinyl for finishing touches and spray a protective coating over it all.  I paint them anyway you like.  I like the thickness of the boards I use, so they don't need a frame.  I love making things and giving people the opportunity to add their personality and colors to their home.  Use your imagination and let me know how I can help create something unique for you!"

So when you are doing your holiday shopping this year, why don't you do something different and get the ones you love a unique piece of art, that is as unique as them, and it can be personalized.  

I know you can't wait to head on over to Hip to be Square to start shopping so here is her link once again

Here are some direct quotes from people who have seen here work
"Love This"....Tiffani Cluff also by Tiffani "Ugh! I need these!"
"Love These"...Karen Lovell Lange
"Ooh I need Two!" Allison Anthon

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  1. Thank you so much for the great post! I love it! So sweet of you! Just a side note, the jewels don't come with the boards! Yikes! I just thought it added so nicely to it for inspiration and effect! Thanks! Also, I couldn't find your FB page? I love your blog though!