Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is my Yellow Farmhouse...with a red door...kinda where it all began

This is the yellow farmhouse on Sunnybrook lane... with the red door, that my husband, found and bought for me, about a year and half ago... it still as you can tell needs help outside.  ALL of those pavers have been sold:)  To a nice family that adopted some twins.  This farmhouse was yellow and had a red door when we bought, but we repainted a brighter yellow, sorry neighbors:)  I think the color is called Dunn Edwards Sunshine:)  I love the names of paints, and markers, and nail polishes..  just to give a start... i fill you in later, but everything on the inside had to be gutted out... and we did it mostly ourselves, and we still our...

There will be soon a place you can find items for sale, and we are thinking of for locals in Arizona having a farmhouse yard sale, with refinished furniture, and industrial items, in the beginning of Nov.

I am going to post one more picture of what I think Farmhouse Industrial Shabby Chic looks like... for today... 
These are some fun items in front of my fireplace, some rusted out routers, an old newel post painted in light blue chalk paint, some more rusted out stuff, and a peace subway sign I made, an old wooden farm box, and tray, and you can't tell because of the brightness of the flash, but there are two blue chalk paint re-purposed barn wood shelves.

for all of you blog followers that like to win contest... sign up to follow me on your email, and like me on your facebook page... after we get the first 25 likes and email followers, they will go in a drawing for the PEACE subway art in this picture..

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