Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's a Diaper Bank...Read on to see..How you can Help.."Pamper my Lambs"

I heard of a food bank, like St. Mary's food bank, been involved in food drives, etc.  I am on a woman's council at my church and our director Mel Ross... had an awesome idea for our group to start a diaper bank... so exciting...we are always looking for ways to reach people practically, and really we don't have to reach very far these days because as we know everyone can use help.  So we are kicking off the start of our diaper bank called..."Pamper my Lambs" this Sunday Oct. 28,2012 @ Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship ...but at our Yellow Farmhouse Sale on Nov. 10th 20% of my profits will go to the diaper bank and if anyone who comes and would just  want to donate packs of diapers we will gladly take them.  Something very unique about our model is anyone who needs them gets them, no matter if they come to or are affiliated with our church, so if you know anyone in need let me know.

This is a great link to Huggies explaining what we are doing to start our diaper bank. We will be the first in the east valley in Arizona, there is one in Phoenix, and one in Tucson.

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